Plan Your Own Event

There are many easy and fun ways to raise funds for desmoid tumors research and bring us closer to a cure! DTRF can provide support by connecting you with resources to make planning your event a smooth process. Please feel free to contact Lynne Hernandez at for how to get started on creating something fun!


Hold an event...

Fundraising possibilities are limitless! Get together with friends and brainstorm. All you need is a little time, commitment and enthusiasm! A search on Google for “fundraising ideas” can lead to hundreds of sites with ideas to help you get started. Also, check out additional pictures of fundraising possbilities at our Pinterest page, here!

A dinner event

could include live or silent auctions of donated items and services, appearances of local celebrities, corporate-sponsored tables, etc.

A sporting activity through which you request sponsorships and contributions could include

a walk or run for a cure, bike ride, golf tournament, etc.

A special wedding favor for your guests

could remind them how important DTRF is to you and your partner. 

Favor 1   Favor 2

See what other people have been doing...

Click here for stories of previous successful fundraising events.

If you have a story of a successful fundraising experience send us a description along with contact information and we will post it on our site.

Seek local publicity!

Be sure to magnify your fundraising efforts by seeking publicity in local newspapers and publications. Draft up an article, include names and pictures of local participants, and you may be surprised at how easily you can be published. Need help or have questions? Reach out to us!

Do you need help setting up an event to benefit DTRF? You can use the following forms.


Lynne Hernandez / Director of Special Events & Outreach