DTRF in the Spotlight


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Episode of The Doctors- "Living with a Desmoid Tumor"

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Episode of The Doctors- Dr. Neeta Somaiah explains how a desmoid tumor develops and the potential health risks they pose

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CBS Philly- Desmoid Patient Sarah Snyder discusses Desmoid Tumors with Pat Ciarrocchi


Patient Stories and Mission of DTRF


Talk Philly- Former Eagles Player, and Desmoid Patient, talks about his triumph over tragedy

The View: Rosie O'Donnell discussing wife Michelle's desmoids


See what race day is like and listen to patients and friends of patients talk about what DTRF means to them and why they run or walk for a desmoid cure.


Running For Answers had an incredible upswing in publicity thanks to the support of NFL player Kevin Reilly, talk show host and actress Rosie O'Donnell and her wife Michelle Rounds and even Dr. Oz.

2011 Running for Answers Promotional Video




Running For Answers 5K PSA


Peoples Magazine with Rosie

"Rosie O'Donnell gets second chance" 
People Magazine- October 2012

"Rosie O Rocked by Tumor Nightmare" 
The Globe- August 2012

Peoples Magazine with Rosie

"Rosie O'Donnell On the Mend"
USA Today- August 2012

"Rosie Gal's Scare"
New York Daily News- August 2012

"You're all heart, Rosie"
New York Daily News- October 2012


"O'Donnell reveals fiancee's rare illness"
USA Today- August 2012


 Rare Disease Congressional CaucusPolitico- February 2014

Rare Disease Congressional Caucus
Politico- February 2014