DTRF presented at the CTOS meeting during October 2014. The goal of CTOS is to advance the care of patients with connective tissue tumors & to increase knowledge of all aspects of the biology of these tumors, including basic & clinical research.

  •                        NCI 2


    NCI currently has 2 important clinical trials for the treatment of desmoid tumors.

    Learn more about the phase II trial on Gamma-Secretase Inhibitor PF-0308401, with treatments at NCI in Bethesda, here.

    Visit here for more information about the phase III trial on sorafenib/ nexavar, which will be administered at institutions across the U.S.

  •              PM icon 2014

    Join us for our Patient Meeting on 9/27, when you'll have the opportunity to meet experts in the field of desmoid tumor research. Register here!

  • oz

    Dr. Oz is teaming up with Rosie O’Donnell to help raise awareness for the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation. View video.